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The honour system:

You can download UPK5 music for free if you are Anangu living on the Pitjantjatjara, Yankunyatjara, Ngaanyatjara lands. If you live beyond this region we respect your payment for each track or album purchase. These funds will contribute to future UPK music projects.

Track Title

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Honour System

1. Showerblock Download here
2. Kunpu Kanyima Download here
3. Tjamuku Kamiku Download here
4. Kiparaku Download here
5. Palya Nyinama Download here
6. Tjikita Download here
7. Yalatanya Download here
8. Kidney Blues Download here
9. Pika Kura Ngaranyi Download here
10. Ngura Nganampa Wirura Kanyilku Download here
11. Kalyku Patjala Download here


Full Album

UPK5 – Katji Kuta La Download here



If you would prefer to make a donation to the UPK Project, please do so here:

All donations are received by Nganampa Health Council. Direct enquiries about donations to Nganampa Health Council.

The Music of UPK5

Nganampa Health Council, the anangu controlled health service for this region, recognizes the power of music to bring awareness to the important health issues impacting the people who live in remote communities With funding provided by the Australian Government it has set about producing a recording to help in the fight against chronic disease.

UPK5 at Katjikuta followed the practice of intense discussion of how to use music to fight disease, about survival in an age of endemic renal disease, diabetes, circulatory and heart disease and social disruption. All the musicians have experienced considerable family loss from disease and sickness. It is a perplexing task to draw on these experiences in a musical way; there was a general view expressed that songs should reflect that caring for ones children, commitment to family and vigilance were the best weapons.